Parkway International Capital Group (dba PIC Group), formerly known as iCapital Options, has successfully closed a $9 million bridge loan for a healthcare facility development project in Newport. This landmark transaction, initiated by Living Capital, highlights PIC Group's commitment to providing innovative financial solutions in the healthcare sector. Living Capital, a trusted partner, approached PIC Group to secure essential capital for their clients' healthcare facility development project. Recognizing the urgency of the deal, PIC Group swiftly responded to facilitate bridge finance of up to $9 million. David Wayne, President of PIC Group, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, "The PIC Group team is delighted to collaborate with Living Capital for the first time and to successfully close this deal on short notice." This partnership underscores the effectiveness of cooperation and PIC Group's ability to meet clients' financial needs promptly. The borrower urgently required a bridge loan to refinance existing obligations. PIC Group structured the deal with a 24-month amortization schedule to accommodate the borrower's requirements. Despite the tight timeline of 14 days, PIC Group demonstrated its commitment to client satisfaction by achieving a seamless and timely closure.